Tarka Trail

Vegetation Management

Tarka Trail vegetation management

To ensure that the Tarka Trail is safe and clear,  the verges are cut twice a year.

The grass is cut in the summer (July) and in the hedges are flailed in the winter (Nov/Dec).

When visiting the Tarka Trail, please follow these simple steps should you meet tractors or other machinery:-

  • Stop around 10m away from machinery or operators
  • Wait for the operator to signal that it is safe to pass
  • Wait until operations cease before attempting to pass
  • Take care when passing machinery or operators.

Avoid the puncture threat

During cutting there may be debris on the trail which creates an increased risk of punctures.
You can reduce the risk punctures by:-

  • Ensuring your tyres are not worn
  • Avoiding obvious clumps of grass or twigs which might be on the trail
  • Staying off the freshly cut verges
  • Fitting self seal gel in your tyres (see your local cycle retailer)
  • Keep your speed down and always carry a puncture repair kit